layered emotions:
the works of Bettina Hachmann

Hirmer publishing company | Authors: Katrin Boskamp-Priever, Dieter Ronte, Elmar Zorn
Text: German / English | 160 pages | 90 illustrations in colour | 24 × 28 cm, bound


Open 7 Days a Week 10.00 -17.00

Brinning Art to People in a new way

Nachtbrötchen Gallery organizes unconventional art events in unusual locations.
At the moment some of my works can be seen in the gallery in the Designer Outlet Roermond.
It's worth a visit.
A diverse selection of art is presented there on 2200 square meters!

April 24. - 22. May

Heimatmuseum His-törchen

Opposite to the sculptor Monika Bänsch and Bettina Hachmann meet in the rooms of the Heimatmuseum in Issum. More information will follow

May 19. - 31.July

Vibes Images

Vibes Images Art by 7 artists from the Overhead Gallery will be on display. Only women are invited to the preview on May 19, 2022 from 6 p.m. All interested parties are then welcome to the opening on May 21, 2022 from 6 p.m. Maike Brautmeier/ Juila Drahmann
Sabine Endres
Cynthia Evers
Bettina Hachmann
Cora Korte
Suscha Korte
Um Anmeldung wird gebeten:
Sylvia Bahr
Gasstaße 56
42657 Solingen

11th + 12th June 25th + 26th June

Landpartie am Niederrhein

A multifaceted exhibition program attracts visitors to the beautiful Lower Rhine in June. Around the historic pilgrimage town of Kevelaer, well over 100 artists and creative people will be presenting their works at a total of 24 exhibition locations. My studio is also open. Guest are the photographer Andera Zmzlak, Konradine Limper with ceramic objects and Anne Schary with jewellery. There will also be a castle tour. More information can be found soon on the homepage of the Landpartie.

7 Juli -10 Juli

art Karlsruhe

art Karlsruhe The Overhead Gallery presents its artists at 2 stands at ART KARLSRUHE, a fair for classical modern and contemporary art. I am pleased to be represented with selected works on site. More info coming soon

21 October - 6 December

30 years Gallery Schürmann

For the anniversary exhibition, 10 artists - 100 works will be presented in the gallery. Further information will follow

Further works can be found
at the following galleries:

Gallery Bernd Bentler
Friedrichstraße 53, 53111 Bonn

Gallery Schürmann
Moerser Staße 252, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort

Gallery Overhead



They move us. They move us, the pictures by Bettina Hachmann. Reduced in colour, they are nevertheless rich in grey tonalities and quiet nuances of colour that push to the surface. They hold secrets, allow only partial, determined insights. Through openings, through cracks. But they do not reveal everything. It is the highly aesthetic, lively works in which so much is happening. They polarise, they invite. They are symbols for traces of life.

Excerpt from the opening speech for the exhibition Spuren, Kunstverein Bad Nauheim 2021
Dr. Marta Cencillo Ramírez, freelance art historian and author

more: about me

" ... "

"The paintings of Bettina Hachmann are rather herself, a mirror of the artist, figure, landscape, colour on canvas, order and chaos as well as the desire to celebrate again and again the process of emotions through the painted picture."

"As elusive, supersensuous manifestations of a supremely autonomous and intellectually charged aesthetic, as perplexing as they are palpable, they have the power to carry the graphic and painterly tradition of the canon into the future in a way that is not just intelligible, but exciting."

"In Hachmann’s case, moreover, there is not just the refinement of subtly staggered lines and fine, spidery webs, but also a narrative and dramatic complexity ..."

Dr. Christian Krausch Extract from a catalogue preface
Dr. Elmar Zorn Extract from the Introduction form the Book
Layer by Layer, Hirmerverlag, (Munich 2021)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte Extract from: Where to Position
Bettina Hachmann’s Works in
Contemporary Art (Bonn 2021)



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